Digital Communication Systems in the Modern World

Digital Communication Systems in the Modern World

Technology is constantly advancing and digital communication systems are no exception. Digital communication systems allow people to communicate with digital devices, such as remote controls and cash registers, without the need for physical interaction.

The digital age has seen a rise in digital communication technologies like Bluetooth earpieces and GPS satellites. There are many types of digital communications technologies that you should know about if your business depends on any type of digital device or service; here’s what you need to know about :

  • Remote controls;
  • Keyless entry devices;
  • Walkie-talkies;
  • Bluetooth earpieces.

Remote Controls

These devices control household electronics from anywhere in the house that there is an antenna or receiver plugged into a TV set, cable box, DVD player or other home theatre component. This technology can also be used for controlling video games consoles via infrared signals emitted from the remote control.

Remote controls use digital transmission technologies to communicate with other devices and digital remotes can be programmed via either infrared or radio frequencies. 

It’s important that digital communications are secured because they can lead to serious security breaches if not encrypted properly; for example, a hacked remote could allow someone else to access your home theatre system without permission. Digital signals might travel through walls or even outdoors so it is best practice to encrypt any digital communication technology before implementing them in business applications where customer data is at risk of being compromised by hackers who have found ways around encryption methods used on digital systems.

Keyless Entry Devices

These digital communication systems allow users to open and lock doors without the need for a physical key. Key fobs, digital cards, and biometric fingerprint scanners are all examples of keyless door locks that make use of digital communications technology like radio frequencies or near field communication (NFC). 

Keyless digital door locks provide flexibility because they eliminate the risk of lost keys but also increase security risks if anyone with access to your card is able to copy it; there have been cases where hackers were able to record digital signals from someone’s key fob then create their own device that could be used as an entrance into locked buildings. When deciding which type of digital system you should opt for, consider factors such as whether encryption has been implemented and whether digital signals used with the system can be easily hacked.

Digital communication systems that use radio frequencies or NFC are more secure than Bluetooth-enabled devices because digital signals cannot travel through walls and there is a lower chance of someone hacking your digital codes if they aren’t transmitted over long distances; however, these types of digital communications transmit information in plain text so make sure encryption has been implemented before implementing digital door locks into any business applications for added security. 


These digital communication devices let users communicate privately with other people within the same group. Walkie-talkies are popular among businesses where teams of employees need to stay in touches onsite such as at construction sites or outdoor events; they also have military and law enforcement applications. 

Walkie-talkies use digital transmission technology like radio frequencies, UHF, VHF, or digital spread spectrum so it is important that these types of systems implement encryption before being used for any business application involving sensitive customer data because a hacked device can lead to serious security breaches.

Bluetooth Earpieces

These digital communication devices allow users to speak on their cellphones without holding the phone up to their face. The digital signal sent from your cellphone is transmitted over a short distance via radio frequency to your earpiece so you can chat hands-free with other people in close proximity who are using the same technology.

The sound quality of digital signals used for this type of application isn’t as good as traditional analog telephone calls but digital communications let two or more people have simultaneous conversations because they don’t have to wait until one person has finished speaking before another begins talking; however, there are privacy issues that come into play when multiple people use digital technologies simultaneously because it’s possible that someone could listen in if they had access to hacked digital codes.

Of all the various different forms of digital communication, the three that are most popular are generally considered to be : 

  1. Texts.
  2. Social media.
  3. Video chat.

Using digital communications for phone calls is especially popular among business people because it lets them keep their hands free to take notes or work on documents while they’re talking with customers and clients. It’s also a good idea to implement digital communication systems that use encryption when building your app if you know the end-user will be using Bluetooth earpieces in order to provide security. 

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